How dewy skin goes from a customer wish to a product in a jar: An Interview with One Love Organics Founder Suzanne LeRoux

How dewy skin goes from a customer wish to a product in a jar: An Interview with One Love Organics Founder Suzanne LeRoux

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If you’ve been to Heyday, you know every facial begins with something that smells like vacation – the Vitamin B Cleansing Oil by One Love Organics. From St. Simon’s Island, Georgia, the line is like Southern hospitality for your skin – gentle, thoughtful, and always perfectly extra. Founder Suzanne LeRoux, who has a history of thoughtful product development, enlightened us about the journey of adding a richer moisturizer to her already stellar lineup.


You’re very thoughtful about your release of new products and you don’t seem to follow the typical industry path. What inspires you to create?

I was inspired to create the Skin Dew by my incredible customers. Over the summer, I sent out a survey to our email list and asked the community what they wanted to see next from One Love Organics. We had a new cosmetic chemist, a new lab with new equipment, and we were ready to roll. The overwhelming response, which surprised me, was they wanted a very good cream. My initial thought was, “There are so many creams on the market!”, but apparently not one to fit all their needs. Our customers shared what their ideal cream would be: rich, thick, moisturizing, absorbent, can be used along with oils and balms, and smelled pleasant without being too fragrant. 


That’s certainly a tall order!

I’m not done--there’s more! They also wanted it to be vegan, cruelty-free, over 70% organic, dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, with a base that isn’t water, and full of nutrients. I looked at this long list and said “You know what? We can do this.” We brought the list to our cosmetic chemist, who has a passion for natural organics. She looked at it and said “I can make this work. I can combine plant-based ingredient and create something really amazing.” It took us six months, and I’m glad we took that time to be intentional with every step in creating this product. 


What key ingredients are in the Skin Dew? 

We started with a base of coconut water, because it’s so rich and vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, so it gives your skin a hydrating boost. Then we added cupuacu butter, which feels light but works as a barrier from all of the outdoor grime you experience everyday, and is ultra moisturizing and nourishing. It also helps reduce the skin’s transepidermal water loss. Then we added sunflower, which is protective and breathable -- it doesn’t squash the skin like chemicals can. Next came watermelon seed oil, which is great at preventing breakouts. We added a bit of sea salt extract that has anti-aging benefits, a moisturizing sugar complex, and for the finale, we added small amount of lactic acid, which actually works as a moisturizer in this case, based on the amount we used. 


Does the Skin Dew work for all skin types? 

Yes, it certainly does! We tested this product for months, just so we could determine if all skin types, especially sensitive types, could use this product. For drier skin, we recommend adding a few drops of oil to the cream when applying. Some people may feel a slight tingle from the lactic acid, but that will go away after a few applications. I have sensitive skin, and after a few tingly days, the sensation went away, and it’s the best hydrating cream I’ve ever used on my own skin. 


How is it best to use the Skin Dew in terms of your daily routine? 

There are several ways you can use the Skin Dew, and I recommend trying both! The first option: cleanse your face with oil, apply your serum, and then the Skin Dew as the final step. The second option: wash your face, apply Skin Dew, and lastly, apply an oil serum. See which way you like better! Some people want the lactic acid to go right into the skin, while others want the concentrated oils on the skin and have the Dew as a barrier cream -- there isn’t a wrong way. With sensitized skin, I recommend trying it both ways and seeing how it best works for you. The Dew is light, layerable and can be fully customized based on your routine. 


We love that you encourage people to try different ways to use the Dew. No face is the same, so no routine is the same, which makes a personalized routine exciting, in a way. 

I agree! I can always give people standard routines, but you need to have fun and play with your skin and find a personalized routine that’s right for you. My grandmother would talk to her plants to help them grow, and I think you need to do the same with skin. Talk to and get to know your skin, pay attention to how it responds and what it needs. 


The name of the product – Skin Dew – is so enticing! How would you describe dewy skin? 

When I think of dewy skin, I think of a soft, healthy glow. It’s skin that looks loved! The Skin Dew is thick and rich but when you scoop it it’s light and fluffy, and I think you can tell when you wear it -- you don’t look weighed down by products. 


When it comes to natural and organic products, what’s the biggest challenge with developing a new product?

Customers can understandably get confused by the word “organic,” as it can be challenging to determine what is authentic and what’s not. We wanted to ensure our customers that we were genuinely organic, and received our certification from the organic certification organization ECOCERT, and are one of ten companies that hold that certification in the United States. The ingredients in Skin Dew are 77% organic and 100% of natural origin. The challenge comes from creating a formula that is organic but can hold up to a conventional cream, and I’m so pleased that we succeeded. I’m very happy with the way Skin Dew came out! 


All right, one last tough question... Fill in the blank: _____day.

Self-care day!


One Love Organics is a Georgia-based skincare line and one of our favorites on our shelves. In addition to carrying our bestselling and facial-starting Vitamin B Cleansing Oil, they also blend a proprietary massage oil for extraction preparation in our facials. Which, of course, makes us love them even more.


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