Meet Ava L., Skin Therapist & Bourbon Fan

Meet Ava L., Skin Therapist & Bourbon Fan

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Born and raised in chilly Chicago, Ava moved to Los Angeles to get some of that Vitamin D from the sun — never without SPF! A fan of serums, bourbon, and all things at home care, she loves to build straightforward and practical skincare routines that'll fit your lifestyle.

Hi Ms. Ava, where are you from?

I am from Chicago but have been in LA for 4 years. Escaping the cold.

Don't blame you. How did you get into skincare?

Originally, I was putting off going to college and I thought I wanted to be a makeup artist, but I figured it would be in my best interest to have a certification. I went to esthetics school and fell in love with the skincare aspect of it. So I ditched makeup. Usually, I’ve worked in spas that are full service, waxing and such. Heyday is what I always wanted and thought a facial shop should be like.

What is your favorite part of working with skin every day?

I love educating my clients about skin. A lot of clients don’t know what’s going on with their face, which is totally fair. We're not taught much about our own skin. Even when we go to the dermatologist, they just give you something and send you off. They don't tell you why your skin is reacting the way it is. Being able to take the guesswork out of it and making them feel comfortable asking questions and in their skin in general, that is such a special part of my job.

Do you have go-to advice that you'd give to anyone?

Well first of all, wear an SPF, of course. But also get a good serum for your skin type. I think a serum is important because, and most people know this, cleansing and moisturizing is important for day-to-day. However, a serum is what’s really going to give you the wow factor, whether it’s clearing your acne or looking ten years younger, the serum is what is going to take you there. And getting a regular facial as well.

What about a product that you think more people should use?

Everyone should be using a hyaluronic acid. People are realizing, both Skin Therapists as well as consumers, it’s good for all skin types because it helps hold hydration.

Is there a part of the conversation about the relationship between lifestyle and skin that you think is missing?

The fact is that the two go hand and hand, honestly. A lot of people, especially my adult clients, are still suffering from acne. They say that they’re using oil-free products, and cleaning their faces but that's not always where acne comes from. That's a bit of a middle school idea, that if you have acne it's because you're dirty. It’s important to start the dialogue that even common medications, stress, and pollution can cause acne. Good skincare is very important but in terms of doing things to soften the blow of living in a harsh environment, these factors can be overwhelming so you need to adjust and control what you can.

If you had a chance to tell a possible client one thing about you before booking with you, what would it be?

Be prepared because you’re going to get addicted to my facials and will want to come back every month! Be prepared to be blown away. Is there a way to show that I'm laughing after I said that?

What topic in skincare could you just talk about for forever?

All of it! Especially your home care routine and the importance of it.

What are three things that you like that don't have to do with skin?

  • A damn good bourbon
  • To be outdoors (with proper SPF, of course)
  • Spending time with your friends

Ava L. sees clients at our Los Angeles location.

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