Meet Chrissy, Skin Therapist and Corporate Survivor

Meet Chrissy, Skin Therapist and Corporate Survivor

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I wasn’t going to start with this, but because we were talking about it before the interview, I think we should dive right in: Does doing what you do as a Skin Therapist take a toll on your body? All the sitting and standing and movement…

Yes! You always have to be conscious of the way you're sitting and standing, I kid you not. About a month ago, I was injured and took an active recovery class where I learned about arm, back and leg stretches – everything. So, now I try to share my findings with my fellow therapists! We need to take care of ourselves so we can take care of all the wonderful faces we see everyday! It’s an active job and so worth it.


How long have you been a Skin Therapist?

For about 3 years now.


What were you doing before Heyday?

I was in the e-commerce world and was looking for a change. I grew up in an environment where I thought the corporate route was what I needed to do. So I started as a buyer and loved the fashion world, but it simply wasn’t for me. So I did a bit of self exploration and although skin hadn’t been a lifelong passion, I quickly came to love it when I went back to school. I’ve never looked back!


What is a skin tip you would pass along to every single client?

Wear daily SPF!


That’s what every Skin Therapist says!

I think because it’s the one thing that wasn’t drilled into us as kids, or at least not for me. If I could go back and tell my 10 year old self to wear SPF every single day, I would!


Even on dark and rainy days like today?

Absolutely, it’s so important. The UVA rays that age us (think 'a' for aging) make it through the clouds. You can’t quite say we weren't educated on it, because everyone knows about skin cancer, but if you had told me that I would end up with lines on my face because I didn’t wear SPF everyday, I think I would have done it!


I didn’t use it everyday until I started working here and everyone told me too! Now I use the Supergoop! Defense Setting Mist with Rosemary every day.

That’s a great one! It’s also excellent for people who work out – it’s a quick spray that’s very easy to reapply when you’re on-the-go. There’s no excuse! I’m so glad you’re using it. It sounds like you’re hooked!


It’s funny, because now I act like I’ve been doing this all along, which I certainly haven’t, but I’ll say to friends, “You’re wearing SPF, right? You should be wearing it everyday.” ...I act like I’ve been doing it always.

I do the same thing! But I think they’ll appreciate it in the long run. It’s about protection and being able to age gracefully. Absolutely.


Like saving for retirement!



Do you get facials at Heyday, too?

Of course! I don’t do it as often as I should, but I can’t do my own extractions at home. That’s another good tip – don’t pop your own pimples, people! Let them go away on their own or ask a Skin Therapist to look at them.


What is your at-home routine like?

I’m diligent about exfoliating (and really good at it!) and I’m a preacher of the double cleanse (an oil cleanse followed by a regular cleanse). I do a mask every once a week, because we all need something to work against the breakouts! Even if you wake up the next morning and your blemish is slightly diminished, it will hopefully keep you from picking.

People also seem to get anxious about using oil cleansers. I start with that and then I use the Shaffali cleanser, it’s my favorite. It has ground up chickpea flour for gentle exfoliation, and turmeric, which makes it very very healing. I’m prone to breakouts and pigmentation, so it works really well for me.


What skin type are you?

I’m normal, but I’m prone to blemishes, which is why the cleanser works so well for me. I tend to breakout around my chin. It’s manageable, but yes – I always have at least one, somewhere (laughs).


Me too! Would you recommend that people shouldn’t fret if they consistently have one or two small pimples?

There's usually a reason that it’s happening, so it’s more about figuring out what that reason is. You certainly shouldn’t fret, but be your own investigator! For me, it’s working out daily and producing oil. I’m not going to stop working out, so it’s about supporting your skin despite other environmental factors and how to control it.


I liked that you said “investigators”– it’s almost like Skin Therapists are detectives on the case, putting the puzzle pieces together.

Yes, that’s exactly right – that’s our job! It’s fun to chat with fellow Skin Therapists and talk out certain scenarios and asking questions – we’re always trying to dig deeper and provide the best information. Sometimes resolutions are more complex, sometimes it’s as simple as giving extra attention to washing below your jawline or changing your pillowcases more frequently.


So, how often do you wash your pillowcase, Chrissy?

One a week, at least.


What other habits in your life have been altered since becoming a skin therapist?

Well, yeah, with the pillowcase I’ve always washed once a week, but now I certainly think about it more. SPF, again, is a huge one. I also don’t try as many products anymore, because I honestly used to try anything that came in a cool package or was recommended by my mom or friends. I read labels now, always, and it’s changed my perspective on products for sure. But again – I can’t say this enough – SPF!


No baby oil, friends!

Absolutely not! I used to do that, and I never really burned, but I remember waking up once with skin bubbles on my arms. Oh boy, it was not okay. Please please please wear SPF.


Fill in the blank: _day

Vacation day! 



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