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Name: Heidi


Hometown: Cold Spring Harbor, New York


So how did you get into skincare?

I’ve been a product junkie for my whole life. My mom would give me an allowance of $20 and I’d go to a drugstore and buy as many products as I could buy for that money. Even now, when friends come to stay, they freak out because my medicine cabinets are filled. After college I went into fashion because it seemed like a good idea. Who really knows what they want to do with their lives at that age, it’s so hard to pick! Originally I wanted to be in TV. My dream job would be a NBC host on a morning show but I don’t like flying so that didn’t seem possible. Anyway, I owned a store with my mom for a while in our hometown and then I was working at Saks Fifth Avenue up until 2 years ago. Then my job was eliminated so I thought, what do I love? I love baking and I love products. So I took a tour of a cooking school and then an esthetics school and I walked into the esthetics school and was like, “this is the right place for me.” It was a long road to get here. But I want to do something that a) helps people and b) has to do with skincare because I’m a certified health coach but something in that wasn’t connecting with me. I want to help guide people to make healthier choices.


So what is a healthier choice that you wish people would make?

I wish more people would wash their faces before they go to bed. Don’t just use a makeup wipe. Get your makeup off with something that will emulsify your makeup and then cleanse because if you don’t then you’re not actually cleaning your face. The air here in the city is gross and dirty and even if it doesn’t feel like it is, it is. I use a cleansing balm with a soft washcloth to take off my makeup. Then I cleanse and tone after. I also do an eye serum, eye cream, a regular serum, a mist and then cream. It’s a lot I know but you can start small. Start by cleansing and exfoliating and make sure you SPF!


Any other general advice based on what you've seen with clients?

Oh tons, but go light on samples. I know Sephora comes at you hard with samples and I too am like, “yeah, give me all the samples!” but it can inflame skin if you try it all because you’re confusing it. It’s important to not change too much too quickly. Use a sample for a few weeks. It’s all trial and error but try not to rely on what your friends do because one size doesn’t fit all.


What are your favorite products?

I like to give myself a facial massage in the morning with Rosehip Seed oil. Facial massage is so important. Think of your skin as a stream, if water isn’t flowing or moving then it’s dried up. If a stream is moving then it’s healthy and clean. Massage stimulates muscle tone and brings blood and oxygen to the surface. It’s so healthy and I’m all about it.

SPF isn’t a product but it is my #1 anti-aging tip. It doesn’t matter if it’s not sunny. The UVA rays are aging rays so you gotta wear it no matter what. Also the antioxidants protect against the free radicals so it helps prevent premature aging and sun damage. They showed us this video in school and it really got to me.


What are three things that you like that don't have to do with skin?

  • I love this recipe for coconut cupcakes by Ina Garten
  • I also love to exercise. I'm a big SLT fan and love Y7 Studio.
  • I walk 8-10 miles on a good day. I like to listen to podcasts like The Skinny Confidential Podcast, which is about health. If I'm not listening to a podcast then I usually just pretend I’m on the phone and use the time to talk to myself. I talk things out or give myself affirmations and no one thinks anything of it.


Fill in the blank: ________Day

I want to say “Self Care Every DAY" Is that dumb? I just feel like people have trouble finding time for themselves everyday and it is SO important. It's what first comes to my mind and what I identify with most.


Interested in learning more from Heidi? Here is some of her advice on facial massages and why you shouldn't just rely on makeup wipes to cleanse. Also, you can book your facial with her here!



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