The Best Skincare Gifts for Self-Care

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The Best Skincare Gifts for Self-Care

By Hanna Yowell

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To, you. Love, you. Don’t forget to save some gifting for yourself this holiday season.

ZIIP is truly the gift that keeps on giving. This revolutionary device uses microcurrents to heal skin cells and encourage collagen and elastin production. The result? Healthy, lifted, glowing skin that gets better over time.


This wonderfully hydrating, fast-absorbing body oil has developed a devoted fan club—from Posh Spice to LeVar Burton—and you’re invited.


Imagine being one of those people who had it together and dry brushed daily. With this stunner you don’t have to imagine — in fact, you’ll look forward to this new, radiance-boosting ritual every day.


Gilded Brush + Joanna Vargas Mask

Perfect for traveling, tossing in your bag on-the-go, or wearing during a Zoom call (camera on or off — we won’t judge!), these highly potent treatments are key for prolonging your youthful glow.

This weekly thirst-quenching treatment is like a hydrating hug for parched skin, restoring moisture, fading fine lines, and soothing stressed out skin.


Years went into developing Mara’s proprietary, sustainably-sourced algae blend, the superstar ingredient of this luxurious facial oil. But, it will take just moments for you to fall in love. Pat on a few drops each night before you snooze and your skin will be glowing like never before.


Self-care and skincare both start from within, and these collagen and elastin-boosting supplements are your one-stop-shop for daily, holistic skin support.

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