The Gift Card Gift Guide

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The Gift Card Gift Guide

By Hanna Yowell

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From best-selling products to thoughtfully-selected combos, these recos fit a variety of gift card amounts, so you know just how to cash in your Heyday Gift Card.

$100 and Less

A Deep Cleansing Brush Kit:

Nourish your skin’s microbiome while sweeping away dull cells with this duo that makes your cleansing step work harder than ever before.

A Mask Night Upgrade:

You’ll never mask the same way again after experiencing the efficiency and simple luxury of this mask brush and brightening face mask.

A Serum That Saves Skin From Environmental Stressors:

This hydrating facial serum infuses skin with unparalleled antioxidant protection, helping to prevent long-term damage from the top causes of skin's aging like light and pollution.

A Mask That’s A Hydrating Hug For Parched Skin:

Introduce this weekly treatment into your routine to replenish and recharge dehydrated, inflamed skin.

A Workout Skincare Routine:

Your new gym bag essentials: a natural deodorant, a muscle-restoring body gel, and replenishing, breakout-preventing face wipes.

$200 and Less

A Multi-Functional Face Oil:

Whether you’re looking to reduce hyperpigmentation, smooth fine lines, boost hydration, or all of the above, this luxe facial oil has your bases covered.

A Deep Cleansing Device:

Reveal your healthiest, cleanest skin yet with this tool to gently, but effectively clean pores of dirt, oil, and debris.

A Retinol That Works Overnight Magic:

With a 1% retinol and holy basil extract blend, this potent formula revitalizes stressed skin while reversing signs of aging while you sleep.

A Fine Line-Fighting Duo:

A powerhouse eye cream and transformative serum team up to target fine lines and boost skin’s luminosity for an overall youthful glow.

A Full Body Exfoliating Bath:

With this all-over refreshing, purifying, softening combo, a bath just may become a non-negotiable step in your skincare routine.

$300 and Less

The Eyes Are The Prize Trio:

Fine lines, under eye bags, and dark circles are no match for this hard-working, complementary trio.

A 3-Step Serum Enhancement:

Cleanse, exfoliate, and enhance with this active ingredient-boosting trio that takes your product efficacy to the next level.

A Multi-Masking Kit:

Five distinct masks so you can tailor your treatments to what each region of your skin is craving—from a dose of hydration to a gentle resurfacer.

A Gua Sha Facial:

Everything you need to relieve muscle tension and encourage lymphatic drainage to lift, brighten, and glow.

The Ultimate Age-Defying Trio:

Increase skin’s elasticity from the neck and décolleté to eyes and anywhere fine lines could use to some love.

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