What It’s Like To Get A Facial Right Now

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What It’s Like To Get A Facial Right Now

By Alex Scoffell

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Call me biased because I work here, but a Heyday facial is one of my top five ways to spend my time. Having somebody touch my face and educate me on my skin is my own personal version of heaven on earth. The other four top ways to spend my time involve variants of eating, drinking and shopping for frivolous vintage homewares. All of which fall into the category of: “things I shouldn’t spend all my money on, but I do, and that’s okay. Self-care, right?.”

Before The Facial

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, I practically skipped into the 19th Street shop entrance. I had somehow managed to snag the very last appointment of a fully booked weekend. Phew! It’s been exactly 223 days since I had my last facial. That’s 31 weeks, or almost seven months… but who’s counting?

Thankfully, over our break from regular programming, we launched a Skin Quiz and also introduced a Live Chat feature, so my skin has been doing okay in the meantime. But, there’s only so many at-home Naturopathica Sweet Cherry Enzyme Peels a girl can do before she wants, needs, and deserves a facial.

I’m fortunate enough to not deal with breakouts or congestion often, but my skin is far from ‘perfect’. I’m dry and dehydrated with a sprinkling of inflammatory issues like eczema and dermatitis. I’ve been dealing with these since birth, but it’s not the be-all and end-all… especially in the safe hands of a Heyday esthetician.

The Check-In

Upon entry into the shop (mask on, of course), I sanitized my hands at our cute DIY sani-station and walked over to the contactless check-in desk. Joshua, the lovely shop manager, held a wireless thermometer at arms length and zapped my forehead from about 6 inches away to ensure I was in the safe zone.

While I waited for my esthetician, I noticed a bunch of new brands that hit our shelves: think Tata Harper, Moon Juice, and Josh Rosebrook! I started doing a mental shortlist of things I’ll be taking home after my appointment. My name has been called, and a huge smile beneath my mask creeps in. It’s go time, baby!

The Treatment

I resisted the urge to give my esthetician, Brenttany, a big hug (COVID, remember!). She escorted me to one of the back rooms where I knew to take off my dangly earrings, set down my bag, and get comfortable in the chair. She is protected with both a face mask and shield, so it’s okay for me to now take off mine.

For the first cleanse, Brenttany used the Naturopathica Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm, a personal favorite of mine. Wow did it feel good to have somebody slathering a dense oil all over my dry and scaly face. I realize this notion sounds extremely absurd to anybody who hasn’t experienced the ‘Heyday first cleanse’ in all its glory.

In the Skin Analysis, I was told by no shock or surprise that my skin type is Dry, and the skin conditions I’m dealing with are Inflammation and Dehydration. Brenttany also said that my skin is weak from reactions, because my capillaries sit close to the surface and are quite visible. I really do learn something new with each facial, which is one of my favorite parts of coming to Heyday.

After an Image exfoliating treatment, a hot towel moment, and a few minor extractions - the real fun began. Brenttany used a Gua Sha stone to stimulate blood flow and collagen across my entire face, all the while promoting lymphatic drainage for the ultimate glow. It felt amazing, and is a great addition to any facial for any skin type. I was greedy and opted for a second enhancement because I knew we have a brand new LED light panel that our estheticians have been raving about.

Before setting me up in some (not so attractive) goggles under the panel, Brenttany mixed a cocktail of Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin E and pressed them into my skin for added hydration under the lights. I sat patiently for five minutes inside of what can only be described as a miniature spaceship that feels like a warm, bright hug. Although I’ve worked in skincare for years, I’m sure to ask lots of questions about what makes this particular LED light so great. It stimulates skin cells and calms inflammation. We opted for red light which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Take my money! All of it!

My esthetician lifts off the LED panel and adds the finishing touches of the treatment—more serums and moisturizers to make my skin feel like the inside of a silky dove’s wing. When my 50 minutes of pure bliss and joy was sadly all over, I dashed to the well-lit mirror in the hall to examine Brenttany’s handiwork.

My skin? Glowing. My inflammation? Gone. My dryness? We don’t know her. Approximately 25 selfies later I decide I look baby-smooth, like a little rosy cherub descended straight from the skincare heavens. Success!

After Thoughts

I arrived at Heyday 19th Street, congested and flaky. I left fully rejuvenated, confident, and with supple, luminous skin. It felt so good to be doing something I love again, something that was such a huge part of my life pre-pandemic. In this world that we’re now calling the ’new normal’, it was nice to have some actual normalcy again. I felt safe and happy throughout the entire treatment, and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to sit in one of our chairs again after all this time. If you have been missing your monthly Heyday Habit, I can confirm it feels as nice to be back as you expect it to.

If there wasn’t such a thing as ‘too many facials’, I’d be booking again tomorrow. I settled for an array of products that were both recommended to me by Brenttany and ones I am dying to try, said goodnight to the team, and walked out onto 5th avenue like the last seven months had never existed.

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