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Anastasia C.

New York • Noho • Tribeca

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Analytical • Chill • Motivational

Lighter Massage Touch


Anastasia's grandmother, who worked for a Swedish cosmetic company, inspired her to get into the skincare. Growing up, Anastasia would spend hours helping her in her office. She was always amazed by her work ethic and all the friends she'd made through the industry that she loved so much. When it came to picking her career, Anastasia knew she wanted what her grandmother had – something she truly loved enough to make it her whole life. Now she's making her grandmother proud.

My facials are so relaxing that I might have put a few clients to sleep.

What clients are saying

Anastasia was perfect, courteous, and very kind.

I really enjoyed my experience! Anastasia was lovely.

Best Advice

Practice facial massage at home when applying creams. It's one of the best way to prevent wrinkles, boost lymphatic drainage and plump the skin.

Fun Fact

I came to United States all by myself when I was only 18. At that time I didn't have any relatives or friends in this country.

Dream Client

Scarlett Johansson, because a lot of people keep saying that I look like her!



Favorite Product

Just pat it into the skin during the day, on the top of your make up, for a healthy glow.

Favorite Product

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