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Blake S.

New York • Noho

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Chill • Perceptive • Light-hearted

Lighter massage type


Blake comes from a family of women who are passionate and knowledgeable about skincare. Her knowledge is intuitive – when she looks at skin, she sees what's happening beyond the surface, like an iceberg that’s only showing part of its presence. She aims to make each client feel strong, smart, and confident from the inside out. Also, she used to be a shopkeeper at a flower shop, so if you need advice on how to keep your new houseplants alive, you know who to ask.

Skincare is so much deeper than what you see on the surface.

What clients are saying

Blake was exceptional! She was highly knowledgeable about what to do to treat my dry, dull skin and kept me informed on what she was doing throughout the facial. She recommended a nice face cream cleanser and toner. Will definitely see her again! Brava!

Blake was wonderful, made my first facial so relaxing!!

Blake is a gem!

Best Advice

You are what you eat.

Fun Fact

I like lime juice on my strawberry ice cream.

Dream Client

Maria Sharapova! I'm a tennis fan, and she also works with Supergoop!, one of my sunscreen picks.


Beach Day

Favorite Product

It keeps your skin hydrated, bright, and supple!

Favorite Product

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Vital C Hydrating Intense Moisturizer