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Brittany G.

Los Angeles

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Practical • Holistic • Nurturing

Firmer Massage Type


From a very young age, Brittany loved skincare. She would wander the beauty product aisle at the grocery store anytime her mother took her with her. Even now as an adult, it's the first aisle she goes to, even when she's supposed to be shopping for dinner. Brittany worked in corporate America for eight years before going after her dream. Her goal is to move into the dermatology field, and she's currently working towards becoming a physician's assistant so that she can treat skin from all angles.

I always make sure to be present and manifest good energy in my treatment room.

What clients are saying

Brittany was very detailed and took her time with my facial. One of the best facials I have ever had. I loved all the products that were used on me and I left with my face feeling really fresh and clean.

Brittany revitalized me beautifully. It was an all-around tranquil experience.

It was all FANTASTIC! Thank you so much. Brittany is delightful!

Best Advice

Ice your face every morning and evening after cleansing. Simply take an ice cube and run it across your face until it melts away. It helps boost circulation to the skin and your complexion will naturally look brighter. It also aids in calming inflammation and depuffing your face.

Fun Fact

I watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy every single day.

Dream Client

Selma Hayek! She’s naturally beautiful and is aging so gracefully. I want to know her secret. Also, David Beckham, because, well he’s David Beckham.



Favorite Product

Los Angeles dry heat can take a toll on the skin and this product instantly refreshes and cools your skin. I reach for this product daily.

Favorite Product

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