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Elizabeth F.

New York • Tribeca • Noho

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Analytical • Holistic • Practical

Lighter Massage Type


Elizabeth has always been involved in beauty in some way, whether it's nails, makeup, or skincare. The daughter of an esthetician, she has long known how important it is to create healthy and balanced skin. To do this for her clients, she incorporates acupressure on the face to release tension and stress. She’s a big fan of using lymphatic drainage to detox the skin and makes sure every client leaves feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after their facial.

I focus on the health and balance of the skin.

What clients are saying

Elizabeth was fantastic, super informative, and made me feel very relaxed.

All I can say is Elizabeth is fantastic! She really listened to me and my concerns. She was through but also relaxing and comforting. I feel in great hands with her.

I continue to see Elizabeth because she is excellent at her craft. A true asset for Heyday.

Best Advice

Exfoliation is a very important step in your skincare routine. Once or twice a week will keep your skin fresh and deeply cleansed.

Fun Fact

I am very holistic. I believe in the power of crystals, mandalas, music, and colors.

Dream Client

Jennifer Aniston, because her skin is goals.


Self love Day

Favorite Product

It's great at soothing redness, inflammation, irritation, and dehydration, all of which most New Yorkers experience at some level.

Favorite Product

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Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream