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Eva S.

New York • NoMad • Upper West Side • Tribeca

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Chill • Motivational • Nurturing

Lighter Massage Style


Eva was really into special effect makeup while in college. In fact, she even worked on a few indie film shoots. When her father got sick, she dropped everything to care for him. And that's where she saw, first hand, how much the skin reflects our inner health and just how resilient skin can be. With this knowledge in hand, she sought help from an esthetician for her own skin, and it changed everything for her, including her outlook on self-love. Now, Eva works every day to be that person for her clients.

For me, it's more than a deep cleanse. It's about the love you show yourself and the care that you put into your skin.

What clients are saying

My first visit was fantastic, such a lovely person Eva and so knowledgeable and talked me through the facial.

Eva was fantastic. I can’t wait to come back.

Eva is amazing!!!!!!!!

Best Advice

Nurture the acne instead of stripping it. Kill it with kindness!

Fun Fact

I used to be in Renaissance Fairs as a singer and actor. I love stage combat, I even own my own sword.

Dream Client

My dream celebrity client is Idina Menzel. She's is absolutely gorgeous and has fantastic skin! She's also the one who taught me how to really belt.



Favorite Product

It's so lovely, hydrating, and nourishing. I feel like it's a great cream to end your night with after a long day. Plus, it smells great!

Favorite Product

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Calendula Essential Hydrating Cream