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Gregory V.

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You know when you are in school and you work on a group project and are like, why am I even doing this? Well, here’s the answer. Gregory had to write a case study about Avon in a class while getting his masters and it opened his eyes to skincare. Now, 13 years later, he’s still happily getting his science on as an esthetician. His knowledge of ingredients and products goes far beyond anything you'll find online, so say hello to a real life Google in Gregory.

I've been known for building results-oriented regimens and giving unapologetic directions.

What clients are saying

Gregory was amazing and I plan on booking him again in the future. Loved my experience and would highly recommend.

Gregory was informative, calming, and gave a great facial!

Really enjoyed this! Gregory was great, helped me relax and was very thorough when describing everything we did. First of many facials!

Best Advice

Don't overthink any skincare step.

Fun Fact

I've had my dreadlocks for 20 years.

Dream Client

Madonna or really anyone who plays in the NBA.



Favorite Product

It is a multi-use product that locks in moisture and targets dark spots.

Favorite Product

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Alchimie Forever

Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask