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Joi O.

New York • Upper West Side • Tribeca

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Chill • Scientific • Collaborative

Lighter Massage Style


Watching her mom sell Mary Kay turned Joi into a skincare fanatic. An avid label reader and experimenter, she always aims to understand anything and everything that goes in and on her body. This continuous education keeps her at the top of her game. No matter the goal, Joi is ready and excited to build you a routine based on her first hand knowledge. Also, she’s a makeup artist, so she can take that mascara off like a pro and help you get the best foundation possible – healthy, glowing skin.

I challenge myself everyday to learn something new about skincare.

What clients are saying

That was fantastic. Truly, Joi was a delight: explained everything to me and made me feel so relaxed I kept falling asleep. I appreciate it so much and look forward to visiting again!

Love Joy! She cares for me and my skin very well. I walk out of Heyday glowing from the inside out.

Joi was so great! She answered all of my questions, gave me some great advice and made my first facial at Heyday an overall great experience! Thank you Joi!

Best Advice

Hydration! Both topical and internal.

Fun Fact

I was once almost an air traffic controller.

Dream Client

Michelle Obama, so we can chat about White House life.



Favorite Product

It hydrates, calms, and offers some level of environmental protection. Also it smells delicious.

Favorite Product