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Kelly K.

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Motivational • Perceptive • Straightforward

Lighter Massage Style


Kelly never had an “aha!” moment when it came to skincare. Instead, she fell in love with it gradually through the help of estheticians in her home city of Seoul. She didn't have access to skincare until she was in college – and it was a godsend after dealing with acne throughout middle and high school. After moving to New York, she took the plunge and became an esthetician. Now over 15 years later, she focuses on the energy communication between her clients and her skincare practice in the treatment room, where she hopes to facilitate a healing and nurturing experience through her touch.

I highly believe in the healing touch.

What clients are saying

Kelly is the best thing that has ever happened to my skin.

Kelly is wonderful. She always explains what she's doing and every product she has recommended (no hard sell) has been spot on! As a facialist, she has the hands of an angel.

Kelly is the best! I really feel taken care of and refreshed when I see her.

Best Advice

Accept the skin that you have and work with it. As we come to accept it, we will be more comfortable and confident about our skin.

Fun Fact

I was in track on the high school varsity team and still love to run. I like to be active. Sometimes I go to the park with my family and we play basketball together. I score more than you'd expect, but I'm really good at defending. Once I played so hard, without warming up, that I twisted my back. I had to have acupuncture treatments a few times. My family still talks about it.

Dream Client

Meghan Markle, the new English princess. I know that she has a celebrity facialist but why not try Heyday!



Favorite Product

It has great ingredients to strengthen, calm, replenish the skin. It’s a “must have product” for everyone!

Favorite Product

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White Tea Antioxidant Mask