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Kimberly K.

New York • Noho • Tribeca • NoMad

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Chill •Straightforward • Proactive

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Growing up with oily, acne-prone skin, Kimberly did everything she could to make it better — working hard to never have to cover it up with makeup. After college, where she studied psychology, she jumped at the opportunity to go into beauty because she really wasn't ready for graduate school. Over 12 years later, she’s still in it! A true therapist, she's so happy when she can accompany her clients on their journey.

It is so important to build a personal connection with my clients, so that I can make them feel good inside and out.

What clients are saying

Kim was fantastic, so soothing and skilled and knowledgeably answered my 5,000 questions.

She really is such a fantastic facialist.

I thought the experience was great & Kim was terrific. Came away with a lot of helpful info!

Best Advice

Exfoliation is a must! It’s the best way to get that healthy glow. Also oils, oils, and more oils. There is one for every skin type and they have so many good skin benefits!

Fun Fact

I'm obsessed with any and all rituals of self care. I think it is a super integral part of being happy and healthy and that so many people overlook it.

Dream Client

Florence Welch because I think she’s a musical goddess. I bet working on her would be such a great exchange of energy.



Favorite Product

Vitamin C is definitely in my top five ingredients for protecting your skin from future damage and reversing pre-existing damage as well. This one has sodium hyaluronate to hydrate which is super important and oat beta-glucan to plump and firm the skin as well. It works for pretty much everyone.

Favorite Product

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Vitamin C15 Wrinkle Repair Serum