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Kristen R.

New York • Noho

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Nurturing • Chill • Scientific

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Kristen went to college because that’s what she thought she was supposed to do. Then, Kristen went to esthetician school because that is what she wanted to do. A total ingredient nerd, she really believes in understanding clients' concerns and finding the perfect product for their skin. No-one-size-fits all routines here! She never wants clients to leave feeling like someone just rubbed lotion on their face. Instead she uses her gentle touch to get progressive results.

I really love cleaning every pore in the face.

What clients are saying

This was my first time at Heyday and I'm so happy I went! Kristen was amazing and so friendly. She was able to answer all my questions about my skincare and my skin looks amazing! She was such a joy and I will be back the next time I'm in NYC!

Kristen is a pro. I wish she worked everyday.

Kristin was fabulous. Will definitely be back!

Best Advice

Use a hyaluronic acid and toner! Never leave the house without doing both, both morning and night.

Fun Fact

I absolutely love hip hop and I am super indulgent in everything I do in life. Taurus life!

Dream Client

Tupac, but he is no longer alive. He was a genius with beautiful skin.



Favorite Product

It actually works. Other hyaluronic serums are diluted; I know because I've tried them all. It really plumps and hydrates the skin before any other products are applied. It helps enhance anything you layer on top of it.

Favorite Product

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Ageless Total Pure Hyaluronic-6 Filler