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Lakeisha D.

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Lakeisha is a makeup artist, so she knows that great skincare is the key to flawless application. But what drove her to become an esthetician is that she really wants to help more people maintain healthy skin. She believes that makeup should be a fun accessory, not a stressful necessity. She strives to help each client get the glow they're looking for, without the highlighter. Unless they want the highlighter, in which case she’s got the best recommendations.

Your skin is an organ. It is a living and breathing thing. We have to treat it that way

What clients are saying

Lakeisha was great! She was very knowledgeable on all products and sent a great follow up email on products we discussed and I was curious about.

Lakeisha was wonderful. I was particularly thankful for how thoroughly and patiently she explained the qualities she observed in my skin and how to address them.

Lakeisha was so amazing! The best facial I've ever had. So incredible in fact that I decided to start a membership!

Best Advice

Don't be afraid to cocktail your serums. No one serum can get the job done and improve ALL of your skin conditions. Sometimes you need a little extra help. I like to mix two (sometimes three, depending on what my skin needs at the moment) serums together. One focuses on hydration, the other for brightening and even tone, and so forth.

Fun Fact

I use to do makeup at a strip club for the dancers!

Dream Client

Tracee Ellis Ross, because she’s my style icon, my favorite TV mom, and she’s my best friend/aunty in my head. She’s hilarious, intelligent, an activist for all women, especially women of color, and I love that she likes taking care of her skin. I love that she wears red lipstick with a fresh face. She also wears red lipstick while she works out. I know that has nothing to do with her skin but she’s FLY and that's something I would do.



Favorite Product

It soothes, hydrates, balances, and strengthens my skin.

Favorite Product

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Ormedic Balancing Antioxidant Serum