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Laura P.

New York • NoMad

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Motivational • Holistic • Practical

Firmer Massage Style


Hailing from Italy, Laura worked at a winery in the Italian countryside and for some insane reason decided to move to New York! But, we're so lucky she did, because this ex-massage therapist is such a healing gem. A comprehensive Skin Therapist, Laura looks at all aspects of her clients’ lifestyles to understand both where their skin is and what is realistic for the short and long-term. Laura helps craft routines that makes healthier and happier skin feel attainable.

I always have been fascinated by the Human body in general and anything related to it.

What clients are saying

Laura was great! She listened to all of my concerns, customized my treatment, and did a fantastic job explaining every step. I know a lot about skincare products, but she managed to give me some great tips and product recommendations!

Laura is incredibly knowledgeable and provided such a soothing, relaxing massage. It was such a wonderful experience.

Laura was amazing. She is an expert esthetician, and makes me feel relaxed and rejuvenated!

Best Advice

Always cleanse your skin at night.

Fun Fact

I really don't know the reason why, but people always assume I know directions and train schedules, even if I never have been in that place before. Without fail, someone will always ask.

Dream Client

Oh My! There are so many! Most of them are very cool women scientists today! So I could ask them all my questions.


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Favorite Product

It's the most balancing cleansing system, suitable for a daily routine and compatible to almost anyone's skin.

Favorite Product

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One Love Organics

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