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Marjorie W.

New York • Tribeca

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Scientific • Perceptive • Practical

Firmer Massage Style


Marjorie has been behind the counter and on the front lines of the beauty industry for 20 years. Whether working for high-end retailers, getting the product into the consumers hands or working in treatment rooms as an esthetician, she has always educated clients on the ingredients that work best for them and the routine that will make a true difference. She calls her facial style the “New York Facial."

My style is very syncopated, rhythmic, and tailored to each individual.

What clients are saying

Marj is so great. I am so happy I met her since my Skin Therapist left. She has filled the skincare void in my heart!

Marjorie was amazing. She didn't insult my skin or make me feel bad about myself. She was understanding when I explained that I have been working hard on my skincare routine but haven't found the magic combination yet. She listened when I told her I had sensitive skin and planned the facial accordingly. She earned my trust during the facial and I was happy to buy a few of the products she recommended.

She's a miracle worker! I also love how she is good about making you feel comfortable and relaxed. As much as I go there for my skin, I also go to Marjorie because she gives me the moment to truly detach from the rest of my day.

Best Advice

Use two different toners. One hydrating to boost your serum. The other more clarifying to clear excess oils. Alternating day and night.

Fun Fact

I love humor and a good story.

Dream Client

Oprah! After you revive me from passing out. I would give her a results driven, awesome facial.



Favorite Product

I call it the Blackhead Buster! If you have blackheads and congestion, this is the product for you.

Favorite Product

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Pineapple & Peppermint Exfoliant