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Natalie F.

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Collaborative • Motivational • Scientific

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It wasn’t until Natalie was in college, when she thought she was interested in plastic surgery, that she discovered esthetics and her love of ingredients and seeing skin physically improve before her eyes. With over 1,500 hours of esthetic education, she’s still discovering new things she loves about her practice. She is constantly researching and keeping up to date with new trends, new ingredients, and often trying out things on herself to create new ways to help her clients get the best skin possible.

When it comes to skincare, I have an unquenchable thirst!

What clients are saying

It was an absolutely fantastic experience and I wouldn't change a thing! Can't wait for my next facial with Natalie!

Natalie was amazing! Answered so many questions and had tons of ideas for me!!

Natalie was incredibly kind and extremely intellectual about skincare. It was an absolute joy to have her heal my skin!!

Best Advice

Be diligent with your home-care. You only see your Skin Therapist once a month. Their magic hands can only do so much and it’s up to you to do the rest. I recommend putting a reminder on your mirror if you're prone to forget. Anything helps when starting a good habit!

Fun Fact

I grew up in small, small town with cows, chickens, horses and pigs as some of my neighbors! So seeing these types of animals in the Central Park Zoo always makes me chuckle.

Dream Client

I’d love to have Timothèe Chalamet as a client. I mean when your skin is in a rap for how clear it is, that’s just something I have to see first hand! In the words of Tyler the Creator, “Tim Chalamet come get at me, skin glowing clear of acne. Need I say more?!



Favorite Product

It is very nutrient rich for the skin, as it contains oats, beta-glucan, and hyaluronic, along with vitamin C to help stimulate collagen. It also hydrates chronically dry skin and protects against free radicals. It’s just tingly enough and doesn't tend to be too much for most skin. I have people coming in asking specifically for “that magic C serum.” The results I’ve seen with this serum are amazing!

Favorite Product

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Vitamin C15 Wrinkle Repair Serum