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Nea L.

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Nea has known since she was 13 that she wanted to be an esthetician. Which is why, at only 15 (!!), she went to esthetics school in her native Finland to become one. She wanted access to all the good products, so she figured, why wait?! After school, Nea worked in a rose garden, which is the best thing we've ever heard. As a Skin Therapist she brings her nurturing soul to each session, where she thrives on helping people get the results that they have always dreamed of.

I'm happiest when I am helping people with their skin and seeing the results.

What clients are saying

Nea was amazing! So sweet and very explanatory, I signed up for the monthly membership JUST to see her. Seriously, she is incredible.

Nea was fabulous! She was super nice and accommodating to my needs. This was one of the best facials I've ever gotten. Will definitely be going to Nea again!

Nea is a skilled professional. She made my first Heyday visit a great one! I will be back because of Nea! Thank you!

Best Advice

Never forget the neck and décolleté area, needs as much love as the face.

Fun Fact

I'm the only one in my family in the United States.

Dream Client

Angela Bassett. Absolutely amazing skin!


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Favorite Product

Leaving my skin hydrated, fresh and smooth. Plus it has such a light texture!

Favorite Product

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Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum