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Nida K.

New York • Noho • NoMad

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Energetic • Motivational • Nurturing

Lighter Massage Style


As a makeup artist, clients often asked Nida for recommendations for skincare products to build their home routine. This got her thinking, so she left makeup behind and now she’s fully in skincare. Since she made the leap, Nida learned that there's nothing better than the feeling she gets when someone loves how their bare skin looks and feels. This feeling drives her every day. She always remains positive (literally, always smiling and warm), and does whatever she can to make clients feel their best.

The best feeling in the world is when a client looks in mirror and says, “I'm glowing!”

What clients are saying

Nida was amazing! Great experience for my first ever facial. I'll be back!

Nida was great. Very thorough and gentle. My skin is glowing today!

Everything was perfect! Couldn't have had a better experience! Nida was awesome! So professional, so knowledgeable! I can't wait to come back!

Best Advice

Use a non-alcohol based toner with essential oils. It’s something that when I re-apply through the day makes me feel refreshed and happy!

Fun Fact

I love birds! They are one of my favorite animals. They're beautiful. I love that they are so free and can go anywhere they want in the world.

Dream Client

Jessie James Decker, she is my idol. She is a creative independent business women. She is really into taking care of herself, but in a relaxed way and she is an amazing role model for girls. I love everything she represents and she is absolutely gorgeous.



Favorite Product

I love it because it’s so versatile and it keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated while it cleanses and exfoliates. Definitely recommend it for anyone! Great intro to exfoliating.

Favorite Product

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Oat Cleansing Facial Polish