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Paulina P.

New York • Upper West Side

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Energetic • Motivational • Nurturing

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There are few things more frustrating than stubborn hormonal acne. So when Paulina started to get it, she wanted to know anything and everything she could do to treat and heal her own skin. This got her hooked on skincare and now she finds that there's no better reward than bonding with clients over the same experiences and getting to watch their progress as their skin gets that healthy glow. When Paulina isn’t at Heyday, she’s designing for her women’s activewear brand.

I like to make customized recommendations from my personal experiences.

What clients are saying

It was a great experience and Paulina was super nice and made me feel very comfortable. She was very personal!

She is amazing. Really, really great.

Paulina never disappoints. It’s evident she enjoys what she does and values her clients.

Best Advice

A boost in your exfoliation every so often ALWAYS makes a big difference.

Fun Fact

I am very much into zodiacs and would say I really am a true Gemini!

Dream Client

Mila Kunis is my favorite. I love her free spirit, down-to-earth personality.



Favorite Product

It's very soothing to the skin. It's a nice balance between hydration and nourishment. It really gives a nice glow the next morning and doesn't leave you very greasy.

Favorite Product

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Ursa Major

Golden Hour Recovery Cream