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Rivka V.

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Putting together the puzzle of what the skin needs in treatment and at home is Brooklyn native, Rivka's favorite challenge. Life is always in flux and skin can be taken along for the ride. Rivka starts by figuring out where your skin has been, discovering what you need right now, and planning for what’s next. Sometimes it is an intense, working facial, sometimes a chill and relaxing reset. Above all, Rivka wants to do right by her clients' skin while making things plausible for your lifestyle.

There’s more to skin than just skin. Environment, lifestyle, stress, medical issues, these all show up in our skin.

What clients are saying

Rivka is my absolute favorite. She goes out of her way to ensure I am comfortable and walks me through all products I should be using for my skin type. She is definitely a big reason on why I get my monthly facials at Heyday!

Rivka was very knowledgeable and had a nice, gentle touch. She had some good recommendations for me moving forward, and I appreciated the follow-up email.

Rivka was awesome! loved every minute of my facial. It was super informative!

Best Advice

Very big sunglasses. One of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to prevent fine lines around the eyes. No more squinting.

Fun Fact

The “Angels Take Manhattan” episode of Doctor Who makes me cry harder than any other, followed by Matt Smith's regeneration. Obviously, he’s my first Doctor.

Dream Client

Are you an Avenger? Maybe Scarlett Johansson or Tessa Thompson. Because I'm a big geek.



Favorite Product

It’s like a shot of vitamins for your face. You're supposed to pulse it (so you use it for 30 days and then stop using it and then go back to it) but I have a really hard time putting it down. I don't want to! I want to use it all the time! I can tell when I don't use it and it makes me so sad.

Favorite Product

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Plant Stem Cell Booster Serum