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Tatyana U.

New York • NoMad

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Analytical • Holistic • Regimented

Lighter Massage Style


Tatyana started her skincare journey with makeup first. Over time, she realized that taking care of the skin was really where she could make a difference for both herself and for her clients. She quickly fell in love with the fact that she could be both an artist and a scientist in the treatment room. Years later, the creativity is still what drives her. With each choice Tatyana makes, she's able to change the skin into what she knows it can be, and as results begin to show, Tatyana shares the joy that her clients feel.

Building trust with my clients is so important to me and something I take great pride in.

What clients are saying

The facial was amazing and Tatyana was so lovely, professional and helpful!

I loved Tatyana’s gentle extractions and how she explained everything.

Tatyana was sooo helpful!! My skin feels incredibly soft .

Best Advice

Always hydrate!

Fun Fact

I don't take selfies.

Dream Client

All my clients are dream clients.


Chill Day

Favorite Product

It can be used as an in-flight/overnight mask or as a day cream for those with very dry skin.

Favorite Product

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White Tea Antioxidant Mask