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Tiffany G.

New York • Upper East Side

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Chill • Motivational • Collaborative

Firmer Massage Style


Tiffany’s skincare journey comes from a place of true self growth. After hitting what she felt was rock bottom, she was ready for a positive change in the wellness space. She was given the opportunity to attend esthetic school on a full scholarship and she says that she is forever grateful she took that opportunity for skincare has become her true passion. She hopes to always put herself in her clients skin, listening to their own skincare journey and addressing their concerns to make a difference in their lives the way skincare has in hers.

I hope to use the information my clients give me to help us both understand what approach to take not only in treatment but at home as well.

What clients are saying

Tiffany was informative, amicable and a pleasure to work with. I enjoyed the facial so much!

Tiffany was incredible. Very knowledgeable and the products she used were perfect. I left feeling very refreshed, and with a few samples to try. Tiffany is the best, definitely going to try and visit more often. Her facial left me wanting another.

Tiffany is great—so caring and knowledgeable. Getting a facial from here is a pleasure and a treat. Thank you!

Best Advice

Consistency is key, keep up with that routine!

Fun Fact

I was an actress performing on stage for 8 years from middle school to my last year in high school.

Dream Client

Rihanna. Two words, Bad Ass!



Favorite Product

It's super hydrating and it's already naturally occurring in the body. Plus I'm all about keeping skin cells rejuvenated.

Favorite Product

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