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Toni felt that there wasn't enough information in the skincare world that fit her skin type and concerns as an African-American. After a decade managing high-end interior design renovations, Toni dove into skincare to learn the facts on a scientific and factual level, so she could help herself and her friends who have struggled with the same issues. She hopes to educate all of her clients on an ingredient level, so they can understand what truly works for their skin and why. Toni combines herbalist training, her skin sleuthing skills, and her soothing manner for every facial.

I approach skin from a holistic standpoint, using my knowledge as an herbalist to talk about total self-care and how nature can assist in that journey.

What clients are saying

Toni was really exceptional and walked me through her recommendations for me. Will be coming back to see Toni for my next treatment.

Toni was amazing and the entire experience surpassed my already high expectations!

Loved how Toni explained the products and what she was doing throughout the treatment!

Best Advice

Hydration is often overlooked, but always the base of any proactive or restorative skincare practice. If your skin isn't balanced and in a good place, then all the other tips and tricks are going over a bad foundation. Your natural foundation is everything.

Fun Fact

I am a formally trained interior designer with over a decade of experience in managing high-end residential and commercial retail renovations in New York City and Washington, D.C.

Dream Client

Idris Elba, ahem, and I don't think this is the best platform to explain why.



Favorite Product

Both my clients and I have seen results and dramatic improvement of our skin from this oil. Naturopathica formulations merge the best in science and herbal remedies, so I respect their brand approach to thoughtful skincare.

Favorite Product

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Carrot Seed Soothing Facial Oil