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Valene H.

New York • Upper West Side

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Practical • Chill • Motivational

Firmer Massage Style


Valene has struggled with adult hormonal acne for years. In fact, it is still part of her skincare journey. Through working to improve her life and skin, her desire to want to help others grew. Eventually it grew so encompassing that she left her job at a startup to pursue it full time. And we're so happy she did. A social butterfly, the skincare industry is a great fit for her. Her positive energy is infectious and her clients walk out of her treatment feeling they've truly been understood.

I come from a place of empathy, especially with the harder skincare conditions that take time and patience. We are on this journey together!

What clients are saying

Valene was attentive and made my skin glow! Love her!

I tell all my friends, Valene hooked me up. It was such a great facial and I knew before even leaving the chair that I needed to get a monthly membership so I could come back to her.

Valene is just super great!

Best Advice

Don't be afraid of acids!

Fun Fact

I love sour candy. LOVE it!

Dream Client

Drew Barrymore. I find her story and outlook on life inspiring and I feel like she would be easy to have a conversation with.



Favorite Product

This peel smells amazing. The cherry and pomegranate are rich in vitamins, and it has lactic acid, which is a great brightening exfoliant, plus mandelic acid, which is great for acne.

Favorite Product

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Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel