Blue LED Light Therapy



The Lowdown

Breakout-prone skin rejoice! Banish acne-causing bacteria with this painless, non-invasive at-home tool. Safe enough for everyday use, Blue LED Light Therapy is great for daily skincare routines or a longer session before a big event.


LED works best on clean skin without any product. Give your skin a cleanse before use to get the full benefit.

How we use it

Lightly glide over the skin in a methodical manner, staying longer in any area of extra focus (1-2 minutes). Always wear the eye protection provided, and be careful when using near your eyes.

What to expect

The handheld LED lights generate a warm glow as you use them, like holding a warm towel to your face.

Back of the Bottle

  • Do not use if you are:

    • Hypersensitivity to light or photo allergy • Pregnant • Have epilepsy • Have lupus • Are on photosensitizing medications (antibiotics, accutane) • Actively being treated for cancer