LED Mask

Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, breakouts, inflammation, and hyperpigmentation with this multifaceted, clinically-proven, LED-powered mask.

Fine Lines


Good For All Skin Types

1 count

The Ingredients That Make A Difference

How We Use It

Daily At Night

Thoroughly cleanse your skin and pat dry. Press the power button on the side of the frame to turn on the device. The device will begin in the ‘red’ mode. To change colors, press the power button a second time for ‘blue’ and a third time for ‘amber.' Put on the Glow Shield and relax. While this mask can be used going about your day, we recommend relaxing, closing your eyes, and using this as an opportunity to unwind. The mask will automatically turn off after 15 minutes, but you can turn it off manually by pressing the power button until the light turns off. Repeat daily for superior results. Note: Not available for purchase online.

Complete Your Routine


Gentle Hydrating Cleanser

Dr. Loretta

Gentle Hydrating Cleanser


Concentrated Firming Moisturizer

Dr. Loretta

Concentrated Firming Moisturizer


Incorporate the LED Mask into your daily skincare routine for sustained results. Blue LED is not recommended for melasma.

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