Heyday Silicone Mask Brush



The Lowdown

Once you start using a mask brush, you'll wonder how you ever existed without this handy tool. Made with smooth silicone that's easy to clean, use as a spatula to slather just the right amount of product on. A must-have for weekly masking and minimizing product waste. Bonus: our brushes are travel-sized so they'll fit into any makeup bag.

Heyday Silicone Mask Brush Desktop Heyday Silicone Mask Brush Mobile

The term 'multimasking' sounds complicated, but it's a simple practice that we do often during our facials. It simply makes the most out of your time spent masking by applying multiple, targeting different concerns in different areas of the face. For instance, your t-zone might need a detox mask while the rest of your face could use a hydrating mask.

How we use it

Use long strokes to get the best effect.

What to expect

While the tip of this brush is made of silicone, it's soft to the touch, giving you a luxurious feeling when applying.