A Super Easy DIY Mask To Repair Your Summer Skin

A Super Easy DIY Mask To Repair Your Summer Skin

By Michael Pollak

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A very simple, end-of-summer-day mask you can make in 15 seconds.

After a long day outside or a night of summer fun, make this easy DIY mask to rehydrate your skin. 


Step 1
Take a few pumps aloe vera gel of at least 98% aloe content or higher.

Step 2
Add five or so drops of your usual facial oil.

Step 3
Blend together in your hand or a small bowl and apply to your face. Either apply generously and leave on for 10-20 minutes before rinsing off, or apply thinly and leave on as an overnight mask.


A note on finding top quality aloe for your face and body… 
When it comes aloe vera gel, visit your local health food/drugstore for aloe gel of 98%+ purity. Two hints. First, if the store has bulk bins of granola and millet, you’re probably in the right place. Second, if the aloe is Ecto Cooler colored or electric blue, keep hunting. Reliable brands include JASON, Fruit of the Earth, Lily of the Desert, and Mill Creek Botanicals.



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