The Heyday Facial

Every Heyday facial includes a skin analysis, deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask, hydration, and a dose of SPF protection — all customized to your skin.

Expert Analysis

Go beyond what you can see in the mirror. Our skin analysis includes tools that help determine your skin type and areas to focus on.

Tailored Treatment

After your skin analysis, we'll personalize the products and methods we use to get the most out of our session together.

Smart Products

We don’t fear nature or the lab. We believe in intentional, effective, and enjoyable products that harness the power of nature and the advances of science.

Questions Answered

We believe in teaching. You'll leave us feeling glowing and knowing something new about your skin. Questions will be answered, even the ones you didn’t know you had.

30 Minute Facial • $65

A refresher, a hydrating boost, or quick maintenance. Does not include extractions.

Great for
  • Pre or post-travel
  • Taming a skin freakout
  • A little TLC
Most Popular

50 Minute Facial • $95

The sweet spot for most. A comprehensive, deep-cleansing facial that includes extractions.

Great for
  • Monthly Maintenance
  • Professional Exfoliation
  • A skin reset

75 Minute Facial • $140

A deeper treatment for more time addressing specific concerns.

Great for
  • Extra extractions
  • Multiple enhancements
  • More chill time
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The Enhancements

If you're looking for an additional boost, ask your Skin Therapist if they'd recommend an Enhancement for you. Extra results, without any extra time.
All enhancements are $35.


A machine-aided, physical exfoliation to get rid of those dead skin cells. It's like a tiny sandblaster and vacuum in one. Vroom.

Professional Peels

A chemical exfoliation using gentle acids that scoop up dead skin cells. Your Skin Therapist will tell you which is best for your skin.

Light Therapy

Handheld LED lights that stimulate skin. Red calms, plumps, and invigorates. Blue cleanses and kills bacteria. Both make you feel nice and warm.

Beard Therapy

For the bearded gentleman, special exfoliation and hydration to attend to the skin beneath that probably hasn’t seen daylight in a while.

Our Team

Skincare’s not just our job — it’s our obsession. A persistent search for the best products and techniques. A love of using our hands to heal. And a commitment to empowering you to better your skin every day.