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About Us

When you feel great in your own skin, every day can be your heyday.

Our Mission

At Heyday, we set out to personalize skincare to create a positive impact in people’s lives. Through customized facials, guided product recommendations, and expert advice, we help people learn about and love their skin.

Our team of over 100 Skin Therapists taps the power of expertise and human touch to demystify skincare and make it the approachable self-care and wellness routine it should be. We believe everyone should have the chance to put their best face forward. We start with skin.
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A Place For Experts & Clients To Meet

There are a lot of voices in the skincare space, but one has been missing for quite some time: expert estheticians who specialize in realistic, holistic, and everyday practical skincare. Real people, who see clients day in and out.

Amidst all the blogs, products, influencers, and skincare noise, we bring alive the human touch and expertise of true and trained skincare professionals. We’re here to create a positive impact in the lives of our clients – in their skin and sense of self – and to give talented and passionate experts a home to do that.

Our Story

We started by taking the facial out of the spa and into your life.

When we opened our first shop in mid-2015, we didn't set out to reinvent the facial – we set out to make it more accessible for everyone involved.

Up until then, facials happened in spas, where you might be in a robe, sipping cucumber water, listening to whale songs, and giving up two hours of your day and a wad from your wallet. Professional skincare felt like a special occasion splurge instead of ongoing self-care for the thing you face the world with everyday.

We knew that there was a better way to help people take care of their skin everyday. A way to make everyone feel like they were living their skin’s heyday. So we made Heyday.

Since then our talented team has performed thousands of facials — spending countless hours touching and treating skin — and empowered our clients with the right products to keep up the good work at home.

We currently have locations in New York & Los Angeles.
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We believe everyone should have the chance to put their best face forward. We start with skin.


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New York Magazine's
"Best Facial"

"Gentle, non-pushy skin therapists analyze, cleanse, exfoliate, mask, and massage the skin, using organic products like Grown Alchemist, One Love Organics, and Naturopathica."

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Heyday, Home Of The 50-Minute Facial, Touches Down In Los Angeles

"Heyday has become bicoastal with the opening of a 2,800-square-foot location in Los Angeles, expected to be the first of several in the city."