Meet Christie, Skin Therapist and Self-Proclaimed Army Brat

Meet Christie, Skin Therapist and Self-Proclaimed Army Brat

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Hi Christie! Let’s start from the beginning – the very beginning! Where are you from?
Well, I'm actually an army brat! I was born in Germany, but I don’t consider myself to be from one specific place.  I guess that's where being a people person comes from...I was always the new kid. I feel like that experience made me pretty adaptable to new places and spaces. 

What brought you to New York City?
I moved to New York City when I was 18. My parents were still moving around and I wanted to find somewhere to settle for awhile. I’m still not entirely sure why I landed on New York, but I have always been a magnet for big cities.
I began working in hospitality, and eventually applied for a job at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Columbus Circle on the Upper West Side. They had already filled the job but asked if I was interested in working at the front desk at the spa. I was there for two years and never looked back! I found a deep love for skincare while working with that environment, so transitioning to a Skin Therapist felt like the most natural progression in the world.

What drew you to Heyday?
I would say the aesthetic. The whole vibe felt less uptight than the spas I had been visiting. I walked into the interview and was greeted by smiles and kindness. The atmosphere, overall, felt extremely positive, and that was exactly the environment I was looking for. Positivity is a strength I learned when I was young and moving around, and it makes a real difference and impact in the workplace!


What do you like to do when you’re not at Heyday?
I actually love finding old furniture and refurbishing it! I love putting my own unique spin on the design and completing a project. A woman was selling a Pottery Barn couch on Facebook – it had a huge coffee stain on it. Other than that it was a nice couch, so I bought it and died the couch a chocolate brown. I’m super happy with it!

What is your favorite part about giving a facial?
To be honest, I really I love extractions the most – does everyone say that? I’ve just been perfecting my technique for a long time and it’s so satisfying when I’m able to swiftly remove someone's blackheads.

What’s your favorite Heyday product?
I just started using the Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum by Image. It’s been a perfect choice for this heat. I took it on vacation recently and air was super hot and dry, but after applying it I maintained this nice dewiness throughout the day. It’s also lightening and brightening, and when a product is able to pull that off in the desert, it gets my gold star.

Did you ever make any skincare mistakes back in the day?
I used to go tanning a lot! I used to get so dark in my twenties because I would go to the beach with no sunscreen. I now have sun spots on my shoulders and nose – I’m still paying for it years later! This is a cautionary tale!  
I also used to use this really aggressive apricot scrub twice a day in my twenties. Surprise, it didn’t actually contain apricot! It would leave my skin raw. If I only knew then what I know now!

I've heard that fellow Skin Therapists have started to call you "Girl with the Red Shoes" around the shop. Is this true? 
Yes! I wear red shoes everyday to work and Dorota noticed and began using that nickname. I thought it was too cute! 

Fill in the blank: _______day
yayday! I say “yay” all the time at work – it’s kinda my go-to word around here!



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