Meet Katya, Skin Therapist and Math Wizard

Meet Katya, Skin Therapist and Math Wizard

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Tell us about your most awesome client experience. I always feel awesome when my clients feel radiant and alive after their treatment and when I see satisfaction in their eyes and a sense of pleasant surprise. I especially enjoy when I can satisfy the most skeptical clients who feel that nothing significant can be done, but in the end I am able to prove the opposite.

Tell us about your snacks. We hear they’re delicious. There is nothing special about my snacks, just fruits or vegetables! And not because I am a perfect eater, but because I don’t have a craving for sweets. I grew up in Russia, and we didn’t have a habit of snacking often, other than apples or bananas.

What do you do to personally take care of yourself? It might sound banal, but I religiously follow my routine. It doesn’t matter how tired or sleepy I am, I force myself to do my rituals: wash off makeup, cleanse, do light massage, apply mask while brushing my teeth, then finish by moisturizing. To save precious time, I can be more efficient and do my mask while having supper. It sounds boring, but without discipline, there will not be any results. This is like a diet or exercising. I call it my homework.

We hear you’ve got five bits of wisdom for clients. Tell us!

• Do not hesitate to spend on good products, it is always worth every penny: think about how much you spend on unwanted clothing or shoes…

• Do facials regularly because is not just awesome time spent, but also contributes to your health and is an investment in your future health and maintaining a youthful appearance.

• Be consistent in your skin care routine, don’t skip it, and don’t cheat yourself.

• Don’t be afraid to try new products, and be open to new experiments and enhancements.

• Be positive every day, find a reason for being in a good mood: a sunny day, great job, hot sex, anything! Because expression lines are lighter from smiling than from frowning. Wrinkles from grim expressions are deeper and more difficult to treat!



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