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Hi Laziza! Let’s start with how you began at Heyday.

Laziza: I heard about Heyday and was immediately drawn to the way the company encouraged and believed in their Skin Therapists. They allow their Therapists to be honest about everything, like what products are best for your skin type and how to best create your routine. I appreciated that transparency because I’m a very honest person, and I knew it was the right fit for me. I wanted to work here so badly!

Julia, our Head of Talent & Shop Operations, pokes her head in.Julia: She came in almost an hour early for her interview, and I told her, “Coming in an hour early is as bad as coming in late! Go grab a cup of coffee and come back!”

Laziza (laughing): You’d think that would feel harsh, but I loved it! I absolutely love straightforward communication so when she said that to me, it made me like her even more! The second time I came in, I said, “Don't worry, I was waiting in Starbucks!” because I hate being late, you know?

Julia: This is a good story though, right? There is nothing I love more than perseverance. People who really go for what they want. And I think people should be aware of that – keep this part in the interview!

Laziza: It’s true! I wanted to work here so badly. Everyday I wake up and I'm happy. Some people don't have that. Every night before I go to bed, I think “I get to go to work tomorrow!” and I know how special that is.

Can you tell us about your at-home routine?

At home, I cleanse my skin in the morning Grown Alchemist Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser. It’s great for my skin type because I have combination skin that leans toward oily, especially in my t-zone and I'm prone to blackheads. I tone with Grown Alchemist Balancing Toner – it’s gentle but exfoliates lightly and removes excess oil. I always put on my hyaluronic acid – it's a very lightweight hydrating serum, and then I finish with my Supergoop! mist. Every single day. I like to keep my routine super simple.

Have you ever done anything to your skin that you wouldn’t recommend to others?

Well, when I used to work for Sephora, I tried doing this routine that required 10 steps, recommended by a beauty brand. As you can imagine, it required a lot of products. I started breaking out a lot and couldn't figure out why until I realized it was too many products clogging my pores. But is this a boring answer? Is this what everyone else says?

It’s not boring! It’s the truth!

I feel like it’s not original enough – change my answer to botox. Just kidding!

What is your favorite product on the Heyday shelves?

I really love the Vitamin B Cleansing Oil from One Love Organics because it removes makeup so well. I wear waterproof mascara and it's so hard to get off and that oil cleanser truly helps. I love using the Sweet Cherry Brightening Peel by Naturopathica as an exfoliant because my pores clog easily.  I don't mask often, so I use it just twice a week! Remember – exfoliating multiple times a week isn't for everyone – it depends on your skin type. I exfoliant more because my skin produces a lot of dead skin cells.

I also use the Image Total Resurfacing Mask for the occasional "bacne!" It's common to get pimples from your bra or backpack strap, so I use this on those areas once a week for redness relief. Its super strong though, so ask a Skin Therapist first before using this one!

What is your ultimate skin tip?

I would say SPF, but I know everyone says that, so I’ll go with hyaluronic acid. It binds moisture to your skin and keeps it there, and you can mix in with your masks or put it on under a moisturizer. I use the Image Ageless Total Pure Hyaluronic Filler everyday. It’s especially great for the summer because it doesn't clog your pores.

What do you do when you’re not at Heyday?

I like my brain working all the time. I love to read in my spare time, and really enjoy computer programming. I actually just enrolled in computer science classes! If I don’t keep myself busy, I get too hyper.

So you work as a Skin Therapist full time and you’re getting your degree in Computer Science? That’s fantastic!

My whole family loves being in school.  My dad literally has five degrees that he doesn't need, but he keeps working! My aunt too. I never understood why I was so hyper and then I realized I need to keep my mind going all the time. The activity of learning is what relaxes me, funnily enough.

So you’re not the type of person that can come home from work, grab some takeout, and veg in front of the TV?

Unfortunately no, it’s just not for me! My friend sends me texts that say “learn to chill” all the time! I’ll respond, “Yo, I’m at the gym, is this chilling?” Apparently it’s not. I can’t chill.

So what could be considered downtime for you?

Hmm...can I say watching Game of Thrones?! That’s as downtime as I can get! Even at work in between appointments, I read all of the product descriptions and ingredients of all Heyday products. I just love to constantly be learning, so being a Skin Therapist is perfect for me.

Do you hope to combine your interests in skincare and computer programming in the future?

Yes, absolutely! We’ll see what happens!

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