Meet Natalie, Skin Therapist and Travel Junkie

Meet Natalie, Skin Therapist and Travel Junkie

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Name: Natalie F


Hometown: Utah


So how did you get into skincare?

I always liked skincare, but I really wanted to be a plastic surgeon. Then I realized that I had to go to school for 12 years! That wasn’t going to work. Estheticians can work with plastic surgeons though, so I figured that would be a great halfway point. Then I fell in love with the nitty-gritty of watching the skin change. I went from wanting to do medical spa work, to wanting to work with the skin naturally. I want to help people take care of their skin over time.

As for why I’m in New York, I ended up here for Cidesco training, which would allow me to be an esthetician at resorts in other countries. I want to travel the world.


What type of skin do you like to work with? If you were into medspa, does that mean you lean toward working with anti-aging?

Not necessarily. I love helping with acne and sun damage. I love getting people to feel better about their skin, no matter what stage their skin is in. However, I prefer to start earlier so that we don’t have to get to the “anti-aging” stage. I don’t even really like the term “anti-aging.” You can’t stop or reverse aging. We’re all doing it. I guess you can make it happen in a more graceful way, in a healthier way.


Do you have any general advice based on what you've seen with clients?

Change your pillowcases! You have to change out your pillowcase once a week. If you have active acne, then I’d recommend twice a week. I have 14 pillowcases, but it’s horrible to take to the laundromat, so don’t do that.

Also, try not to be too obsessed with your skin. Everyone is obsessed with perfection, which doesn’t exist. Don’t try to get to what Instagram is telling you to get. Those influencers and celebrities, they get zits too. They usually talk about them in their Stories, but in their photo feed, you don’t see it. They’ll make recommendations like “I use this, this, and this, and my skin is amazing!” I’m sure they have the time and money to get hydro-facials and botox. It’s perfection that doesn't exist. You can have the skin that you’re meant to have, in working condition, but it takes work and time. So many people are so hard on themselves. And I want to teach people to be kind to themselves.


Are there any ingredients you try to stay away from?

A lot of people ask about retinol and I, personally, think you can use better ingredients. Vitamin C and lactic acid, for example. Retinol, especially prescription level amounts, means that you can’t be out in the sun, your skin becomes thinner. You have to be more careful. I have female clients who have been on it for forever and love it, but I can’t do extractions because their skin is so damaged that I don’t want to take the risk in hurting it more. However, I know a lot of Skin Therapists that love to use it, and I totally respect that. There are facts in skincare, but there is also so much opinion out there. It’s important to educate and let clients make the choices that feel right for them.

I also know people want results and sometimes that leads to very strong products. But I think that facials at Heyday, regardless of if you go gentle or super deep, lead to results. People want results to know that things are happening, that they’re getting their money’s worth. So, I try to make sure that we’re benefiting the skin and seeing real change.


How would you describe the style of your work?

I feel like I’m more nurturing and encouraging. I believe that we can do this together. Regardless of if it ends up being 12 steps, or 4 steps, if you want to change, then we have to make a plan. You can’t expect to keep doing what you’re doing and just have your acne magically go away if it hasn’t in the past. But I also love helping people so much that these conversations are exciting for me.


What are three things that you like that don't have to do with skin?

  • Outdoors, hiking and camping

  • Movies, film festivals, I own over 300 DVDs

  • Live concerts


Fill in the blank: ________Day

Be outside every-day

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