Meet Nausheen K., Skin Therapist & Calmness Queen

Meet Nausheen K., Skin Therapist & Calmness Queen

By Michael Pollak

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"I believe that your heart reflects on your face, so I thrive to have happiness and calmness in my heart." Meet Nausheen.

Hi Nausheen! Where are you from? 


How did you get into skincare?

I was always fascinated by skin. My mother has beautiful skin and so did my grandmother. I loved watching them take care of their skin. My father is a doctor, a pathologist, who cares a lot about appearance and taking care of the body. He used to mix ingredients and products for us to use. I’ve been in skincare unofficially for a long time. I’ve launched products with friends and such. I like to connect and talk to people, to give them comfort. I feel this is a great profession for that. I’m an active medical esthetician, as well. This is my fun job!

What is your favorite part of getting to work with clients?

It makes me happy when my client is happy and satisfied. When I see their skin month after month getting better, I feel like I’ve done something special.

Do you feel like skincare has changed in all the time you’ve worked in it?

Skincare doesn’t change but methods do. People are going for more natural and organic products now. Even a few years back, people would have reached for scientific options, like retinols. Now I find that most clients want to be treated as naturally as possible.

Does the approach to your work lean more natural because of this?

I think that my approach adapts to each client. If I have a client who is more natural, I’m more than happy to work within that. I am a positive person, so I like to get that positive energy and give my clients that positive energy. Whatever that is that they’re looking for.

Do you have any general advice based on what you've seen with clients?

Stay healthy, hydrate yourself, and be positive. Positivity shows on your face. That’s the approach I take towards life. I’m a mother of four and a grandmother now. I believe that your heart reflects on your face so I strive to have happiness and calmness in my heart.

What are three things that you like that don't have to do with skin?

  • I love to travel and would happily go anywhere in the world.

  • I’m a big fan of going to the gym.

  • I love to dance Bollywood and salsa with my husband. He’s better than me, but I know some moves and can hold my own.

Nausheen K. sees clients at Upper East Side and Tribeca.

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