The Mask That Every Skin Type Should Have In Their Cabinet

The Mask That Every Skin Type Should Have In Their Cabinet

By Michael Pollak

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One of our go-to calming masks that's good for just about anyone.

Many times, reactive skin is due to some condition your skin is temporarily in, whether that's due to dehydration, sun damage, allergies, or some other out-of-balance state that can compromise the complex barrier function of our skin. 

When you have a weak or damaged skin barrier, it can be nerve-wracking to try new products. The skin's barrier is like the security team for your skin – they keep an eye on what is trying to come in and help police what won't benefit you. If it isn't working to its full capacity, it can lead your skin to be easily reactive and sensitive.

Some people can develop a thin skin barrier as they age due to dehydration. Some are born with this. Some are due to a condition, like rosacea, as is the case for our Skin Therapist, Gina. Because of this sensitivity, she knows that an important part of her (and her clients') toolbox is to find "safe base products" – reliable items with soothing ingredients that can bring skin back from the red zone.  

This is why she loves and often recommends the White Tea Antioxidant Mask from Naturopathica.

This creamy, nutrient-rich mask packs a lot of anti-inflammatory heavy hitters like sunflower oil, aloe vera, and aspen tree bark extract. Sunflower oil is a great ingredient to lean on when trying to normalize your skin. The Vitamin E found in the oil reduces redness, does not clog pores, and the fatty acids that it creates helps to lubricate your barrier. Aloe vera, of course, calms inflamed skin and has anti-itch qualities that can be helpful when your skin needs some help settling down. And the aspen tree bark extract has been used by Native Americans for centuries to help treat burns, reduce fevers, and to relieve eczema. Beginning to see a trend?

The mask leaves your skin feeling calm and nourished. And if you really need some extra TLC, this is a mask you can rub in like a moisturizer and leave on all night!  

Between all these ingredients and uses, it's easy to see why Gina and many of our Skin Therapists keep this one in their figurative pocket.



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