What is Micellar Water And Do I Need To Buy This Fancy Water?

What is Micellar Water And Do I Need To Buy This Fancy Water?

By Team SDG

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Our team sounds off on the merits of micellar water.

In the last couple of years, the beauty industry has gone micellar water crazy. Everyone from Garnier to La Mer have created bottles and beauty writers have written long articles celebrating the skincare step they say has saved their skin.

So we asked our Skin Therapists what the deal is. Should you be paying money for bottled water for your face? And if so, what should you know before you pick one up?


Micellar water has been around for a long time. The rumor is that the water in Paris was so harsh that the French beauty industry had to come up with a way to wash their skin without interacting with it so they made micellar water! It's a soft water that has tiny bits of cleansing oil (micelles) suspended in it. These micelles work like magnets: attracting oil, dirt, and debris, making this fancy face water a go-to for taking makeup off. And, just like those makeup wipes we all love, it claims that you don't need to rinse post-use, perfect for the always-moving city citizens.

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