Why We're Not All About The Hush-Hush at Heyday

Why We're Not All About The Hush-Hush at Heyday

By Michael Pollak

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We take skincare seriously. But we don't take ourselves overly seriously, nor do we believe the space you engage in skincare should either.

By Michael Pollak, Chief Brand Officer & Co-Founder


The architecture of a space can be one of the most quiet, yet powerful forces that affect the experience you have in it. We’ve all been moved by grand spaces, thrilled by convenient touches in others, and probably been miffed by what seems like thoughtless choices in some.

One of the many reasons we don’t call ourselves a ‘spa’ is architectural.

When it came time to design how our treatment spaces at Heyday would come alive, our instinct was to do something semi-private. Just enough privacy because you’re a little more vulnerable in a facial – more than a haircut, less than a massage. Yet somewhat open, because while there’s an undeniably relaxing component to facials, a lot of it is active work and productive conversation. The whole perfect towel turban, orchid behind your ear, and pan flute music? Not really our jam.

After three years in action, with some modifications based on feedback, we’re still fully behind the spirit of where we started. We’ve seen the benefits of our semi-private spaces in several ways:


It’s less intimidating.

For some clients, a long hallway of closed doors and dim lights a la a typical spa makes facials feel foreign, intimidating, or a big commitment. By doing away with that pomp and circumstance, we’ve made skincare easier to engage with – including the huge percentage of our clients who have their first facial ever with us (an absolute honor!). It’s not a drawn out, robe-donning ceremony; it’s an hour of self-care. Hop right up.


It makes conversation natural.

Hearing some ambient chatter and the good playlist (people say!) around you, there’s a subtle permission to engage, to talk, and to learn that we believe is so critical to making skincare less of a silent, performative affair, and more in the realm of every day that it belongs. All we kindly ask is that you use inside voices. ;-)


It helps keep our services affordable.

We set out to make facials more affordable, period. It’s worth sharing with you in the spirit of transparency: building out fully private rooms simply drives up the cost of new shops. It’s not as simple as four walls and a door. Between construction costs and city requirements (closed doors make eyebrows raise…), our business model would be a lot different, and it wouldn’t be the change we wanted to see in the industry.


It creates an environment of learning for our team.

“She’s my neighbor on Saturdays. I love it. Our styles are so different, but I learn a ton listening in on how she works with clients.” It’s something we’ve heard between Skin Therapists many times. In the open plan, there’s a very powerful sense of teamwork and learning by osmosis that gives our team the vitality they then pass on to you – and the exchange of knowledge makes them consistently improving in their craft.  


It creates a positive vibe and sense of community.

And lastly, there’s a sense of community. When you take things out of the closed door, there’s a vibe and energy that’s undeniable. We love hearing when clients walk into our space and mention they can sense the upbeat buzz. That’s a feeling we want to pass on to everyone. (We’ll leave the very valid and needed total peace and quiet up to our wonderful friends at MNDFL.)

_ _ _

And lastly, on a personal note — if it wasn’t for our open plan space, I wouldn’t be able to fulfill one of my now-favorite pastimes in a busy Heyday shop: To walk in, slowly (and somewhat ridiculously) skulk down the hall, and wave exuberantly at our team (without any of you knowing, because you’re masking or under those hot towels). It’s still one of the most joyful reminders for me of the team and community we’ve created.

Hopefully I've given you some insight into why we set aside the absolutely hush-hush. We’re proudly open plan, open hearted, open doors, open to listen, and open to share our human touch and expert knowledge with you. Come on in!


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