The Facial

A CBD facial experience for maxing your relaxing, while doing great things for your skin. Everyone’s new favorite wonder ingredient has landed at Heyday for a personalized 75 Minute Facial only our Skin Therapists could create.

Three reasons why you'll love your CBD-infused 75 Minute Facial.

A totally calming CBD tincture upon arrival

As you take a moment to settle in, you’ll be offered a CBD tincture to calm you ahead of your treatment.

A dreamy CBD-infused extended facial massage

Everyone's favorite part of the facial, with added relaxation to relieve tension, drain toxins, and promote blood flow to the skin.


A delicious CBD avocado honey mask

A special CBD avocado honey mask that will rehydrate your skin and leave you cleaner, more moisturized, and sweeter than ever.

Three reasons your skin will love everyone's new favorite wonder ingredient, CBD.

It rebalances.

Antioxidant-rich CBD reduces redness, promotes calming of inflamed skin, and brings you back to balance.

It resets.

Vitamin A, D & E and fatty acids like Omega-3 and -G give your skin extra support to even texture and boost the overall health of your skin.


It relaxes.

CBD’s low THC level means the facial will leave you feeling chill and calm, like you’ve just walked out of a great massage (which you'll have had!).