With the peel and/or microdermabrasion you received in your facial, there are some important things to expect and a few do's and dont's to keep your skin happy over the next few days.

Things To Expect

Rosy skin afterwards is perfectly normal.
Your treatment gave your skin healthy stimulation and any flushness or light 'heat' should calm by the next day.

Pore detoxing can happen.
Your treatment helped purge debris that’s been trapped below a buildup of dead skin cells. Any small breakouts you may experience shouldn’t linger (and you may see few to none at all!).

Slightly drier skin and minor flaking can occur.
A calming moisturizer is your single most important tool for the next few days. Be consistent and be generous—it will help your skin recover quickly and will help keep any small breakouts at bay.

Things To Do & Not Do 

Keep your skincare routine basic for the next few days.
Focus on products and ingredients that hydrate and soothe. Don't use anything exfoliating or aggressive.

Avoid active ingredients like prescription topicals, AHAs/BHAs, Benzoyl Peroxide, Vitamin C, Retinol, and others for a few days.
What you received was a professional-strength exfoliation, so you want to avoid ingredients in your at-home products that have exfoliating properties. If in doubt, put it aside for a few days.

Use sunscreen generously and avoid as much direct sun exposure as possible.
Protecting those fresh, new skin cells from the sun's rays is an absolute must.

Avoid treatments like laser, waxing, shaving, or dermaplaning.
Avoid any treatments that manipulate or process the skin for at least three days. Doing any of these too soon after microdermabrasion can create major irritation.

Skip sweaty workouts on the same day of your peel or microderm.
Your sweat will likely cause stinging and irritation. Avoid runs in the heat, cycling, hot yoga, and the like. Also skip saunas and steam rooms for the same reason.