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Alexis P.

New York • Upper East Side • Upper West Side

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Chill • Nurturing • Straightforward

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Alexis has her share of skin issues and has been working with products since she and her brother started buying them as a teen. While working as a makeup artist, she saw the logo for an esthetics school online and decided to look into it. As someone who started using eye cream at 14 years old, she can't believe she didn't think of esthetics sooner.

I know what it feels like to wake in the morning and not have perfect skin.

What clients are saying

Alexis did a thorough examination of my skin to perform highly personalized skincare services.

Alexis is always wonderful. She is thoughtful and remembers your skin and routine and it’s always a pleasure to visit her regularly.

Alexis was incredible! I love that she gave explanations for what she was doing, and how she offered personalized care, but also gave me plenty of time to just relax and enjoy. Definitely will be returning soon. Thanks for making my first facial experience so great!

Best Advice

Always put some type of moisturizer on the skin, even if it's a product from the drug store! It will protect your skin from water loss and slow down aging by adding that protective barrier.

Fun Fact

I am very girly. I love to dress up and look fabulous!

Dream Client

Hands down Johnny Depp! He is one of my favorite actors who can play any role given to him. I would imagine he is cool guy to talk to during a treatment, not to mention he is a heartthrob!



Favorite Product

This cream is one of the first creams that I've used that was able to actually reverse the damage of scars. Thanks copper peptides! It's magical and smells like candy!

Favorite Product

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Ormedic Balancing Bio-Peptide Creme