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Alyssa V.

New York • Upper West Side • Noho

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Practical • Energetic • Motivational

Firmer Massage type


Alyssa’s skincare journey started in a very personal way. She wanted to learn how to take care of her skin and felt that she wasn't getting the answers she needed. Once she started teaching herself, she knew she could help educate others and has been doing so ever since. She loves to help her clients learn about everything from what ingredients to use, to what techniques will help them take proper care of their skin. Get ready to head to Skin School with the nicest possible teacher.

If you are interested in learning a few things, then I'm the Skin Therapist for you

What clients are saying

Alyssa was super helpful and really worked with me to hear what I needed. She taught me to be kind to my poor skin and explained each step.

Alyssa always answers all of my questions. She is knowledgeable and professional and I always leave feeling amazing.

Alyssa was so thoughtful and knowledgeable, she talked through every step and filled me in on what she was doing since it was my first facial. Definitely going to request her next time!

Best Advice

Exfoliate! It helps keep the congestion/blackheads at bay, promotes an even skin tone, and removes the dull dead skin cells to give you that amazing glow.

Fun Fact

I love to paint!

Dream Client

Madonna because she is a queen and my idol.



Favorite Product

It makes your lips super soft, plump and glossy, without that gross filmy feeling!

Favorite Product

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Ormedic Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex