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Cali S.

New York • Tribeca • Upper West Side • Upper East Side

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Nurturing • Perceptive • Collaborative

Firmer Massage type


Cali has always been very ritualistic in her skincare. With a background in fragrances and essential oils (she used to work for Le Labo), she thinks a lot about ingredients and where they come from. She wants to understand how everything works and makes sure to share this knowledge with her clients. Through building lasting genuine connections and relationships, she customizes long-term routine that brings positive results. If you're looking for those herbal, healing vibes, look no further than Cali!

I find joy in building trust with my clients where they can ask me anything.

What clients are saying

I had an incredible service with Cali. She was so knowledgeable and really tuned into my skin! She took the time to explain why certain problem areas of mine were happening, and was very encouraging about ways we might deal with them. This was the best facial I've ever had.

Cali was incredible! She took the time to help me find the right products for my everyday regimen. Looking forward to my next facial in two weeks with her.

Cali was incredible. I was nervous because it was my first facial and she walked me through every step of it. I honestly feel like a queen. You can count on me for monthly visits!

Best Advice

Don't be afraid of peels! When I first was introduced to peels, the name turned me off. What I didn't know is that peels do not all fall into the category of intense chemical peels where the skin sheds for days. Peels changed my skin, especially ones that are much more mild and give a slight tingle to the face. They don't necessarily have to contain AHAs, the fruit enzyme peels are a amazing.

Fun Fact

I'm a musician and a major music nerd.

Dream Client

Kim Gordon, my biggest female rock icon!


Cat Day

Favorite Product

There's nothin' like a great product with minimal, clean ingredients for all skin types.

Favorite Product