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Candida L.

New York • Tribeca

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Motivational • Collaborative • Proactive

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Candida came to skincare through her own struggle with her skin. She knows that skincare can feel like work if you don't find the joy in it. That is why she shares everything she's learned throughout her journey. She believes that it is all a combination of lifestyle, attitude, will power, and the right product. She works with each client to create a routine of the correct products that will bring them both joy and true long-term results.

I love to help people choose a routine that make changes in their daily life and will help them achieve their long-term goals.

What clients are saying

Candida was AMAZING! Her passion for what she does is unprecedented in this industry and she took so much time to explain what she was doing/using and why. My skin has never looked better after a facial.

Candida was the BEST specialist I’ve had. She was beyond sweet and really informative. She gave me some tips on scarring and treatments for future breakouts. Next time I book a treatment, it’ll DEFINITELY be with Candida!

It was perfect!

Best Advice

Be gentle with yourself! Once you care about yourself and put you first, then its really easy to find what soothes your skin and soul!

Fun Fact

As a child I practiced gymnastics, studied music, and became fully bilingual by 14 without setting foot outside Dominican Republic.

Dream Client

Ashley Graham. She is the leader of body positivity and self-love movement. She is stunning and has the most beautiful skin I've ever seen!



Favorite Product

This balm soothes, moisturizes, heals and repairs my skin.

Favorite Product

products/01_Naturopathica_GotuKolaIntenseRepairBalm_640x720_8fc878ab-3a2e-4945-b87a-afce5a8a7fe4.jpg Desktop products/01_Naturopathica_GotuKolaIntenseRepairBalm_640x720_8fc878ab-3a2e-4945-b87a-afce5a8a7fe4.jpg Mobile


Gotu Kola Healing Balm