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Los Angeles

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Scientific • Energetic • Nurturing

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Natalie was scouted to be a model at age 19. After dropping out of college, she spent time hopping between Paris, Istanbul, and New York, and has no regrets. When it came to finding a career, she knew exactly where she could go to make a difference – Natalie struggled with her own skin for years. After improving her own skin with research, products, and self-care, she knew she wanted to help others do the same by becoming an esthetician. If you want to talk shop on ingredients and wellness, she's all about it. An original member of our Tribeca team in New York, Natalie rejoined when we arrived in LA.

I believe in effective, not aggressive skincare.

What clients are saying

Natalie was so sweet and took the time to learn about my daily skincare routine and products. From there she shared with me some suggestions based upon my personal skin care concerns. I loved how personalized the treatment was. She also completed a facial massage which had me feeling so relaxed by the end of it I almost fell asleep. The chairs were very comfortable and they also gave you a blanket for an added comfort. My face was glowing by the time Natalie was done with my treatment.

My visit was SENSATIONAL! Natalie was super sweet, hospitable, and incredibly knowledgeable! My experience was everything and more than I could have asked for! Thank you so much for making my day Natalie!

Natalie is great! She really cares and wants to help you achieve your best skin.

Best Advice

Use a humectant (something that draws water), like hyaluronic acid, twice a day before any form of daytime SPF or evening moisturizer. Skin (of all types) tends to be innately dehydrated. Your skin and its barrier function will thank you for giving it hydration with a humectant.

Fun Fact

I can tap dance. My mother made me do it for years, and I was so not into it. I now watch a lot of old golden era old Hollywood films where they tap dance and I’ll be like, "Hey! I can sort of do that."

Dream Client

Chrissy Teigen, because she is so unabashedly herself and hilarious. I admire people like that.



Favorite Product

It is so clean and is molecularly stable vitamin C, which is hard to come across in natural products. It lightens, tightens, brightens, and protects skin from environmental external influences.

Favorite Product

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Vitamin C15 Wrinkle Repair Serum